Cloned Animals Approved for Meat and Milk

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The following is an excerpt from several sources found in various publications on the Internet. What do I think about it? More reason to know your source, buy organic (at the very least), and to evaluate with extreme skepticism any rhetoric put out by the various vested interests of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

FDA Approves Food from Clones against the Will of Congress and the American Public

Despite scant data, congressional action demanding further research and over 150,000 public comments in opposition, FDA approved the sale of meat and milk from cloned animals yesterday. In addition, the FDA will not require any special procedures for tracking or handling food products from clones.  It will not require labeling of any kind on food products from clones or their offspring, depriving consumers of their right to know about the origins of their food. This action comes at a time when Congress has voted twice to delay FDA’s decision on cloned animals until additional safety and economic studies can be completed.

The FDA’s bullheaded action disregards the will of the public and Congress. FDA based their decision on an incomplete and flawed review that relies on studies supplied by cloning companies that want to force cloning technology on American consumers.  FDA’s action has placed the interests of a handful of biotech firms above those of the public they are charged with protecting.

While FDA may deem these products safe to enter the market, companies like Ben & Jerry’s and Organic Valley have pledged not to use cloned animals or their offspring. Dean Foods, Hormel, Tyson and Smithfield Foods have also stated they do not plan to accept milk or meat from cloned animals, but have not addressed their plans regarding the offspring of clones.

What would I do? What would I encourage others to do?

  1. Most Important: Buy organic meats and dairy if you eat animal products.
    The National Organic Standards rightly prohibit clones and their offspring from use.
  2. Tell Congress to Label Food from Cloned Animals!
    There are bills to label food from clones and their offspring in both the House and Senate. Contact your Congress members and urge them to support this important bill!

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